Quality Day Care

At Discovery Corner Childcare and Enrichment Center, we keep your child safe and help them grow emotionally and socially. Our belief is that children should learn to advocate for themselves.  From pre-school up, we teach this by helping them identify their needs and wants and communicate that with others in a way that is productive.

We provide on-going professional development for our teachers who provide instruction in large, literacy-rich classrooms. Our goals are to give children a sense of self worth by helping them develop at their own pace while learning. We want the children to feel confident and secure enough to explore and grow in a stimulating educational and social day care environment.

Program Summary

We provide activities in the following early childhood development areas:

  • Social Development (Getting along in groups, Learning responsible behavior (such as sharing, respecting ethnic/cultural/age/sexual differences etc)
  • Cognitive Development (Building reading and writing skills, providing experience with math and science, fostering imagination and creativity
  • Language Skills (Listening, speaking, following directions, learning numbers, relational concepts and classification skills leading to problem solving)
  • Physical Development (Developing large and small muscle skills, exploring rhythms and movement, improving eye-hand coordination and perceptual skills)
  • Emotional Development (Fostering cooperation, Developing independence, initiative and trust, Experiencing art, music, drama and dance)

Contacts & Hours 

    6:30 am - 6:00 pm
    (856) 667 - 6333