Toddler day care


At Discovery Corner, we provide potty training to our juniors. Two-year-olds are active, affectionate and strong-willed. It is the time when they begin to notice and explore their world. Much of their learning occurs through imitation and play. 

Two-year-olds fluctuate between clinging to adults and wanting their own independence. Although primarily interested in adults, they begin to play interactively with other children. Two-year-olds begin to use their language to express their wants, needs and emotion. Hence, our two-year-old curriculum is designed to enhance their skills and levels of understanding. 

We believe children develop at different rates, so we do not expect everyone in the group to be at the same developmental level, either at the beginning or end of the year. Instead, we recognize that each child has individual abilities and that our job is to motivate her or him to progress at a stimulating pace without pressure or loss of self-esteem.

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    6:30 am - 6:00 pm
    (856) 667 - 6333

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